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No longer does the idea of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in your organization have to be a resource-squandering box check based on compliance to avoid law suits, a damage control relief effort, or consistently walking on eggshells and hoping no one is offended, ostracized or shamed in the process.


Now you can create a cultural shift in your organization through a transformational DEI approach that values everyone in your organization, amplifies previously unheard voices, and creates space for the greatest internal thriving and external shifts your organization or company has seen.


Forward thinking visionary leadership. Real data. Real results.


The Benefit

We know that these things contribute to your bottom line, organizational growth, and brand loyalty (both from internal team members and for customers, clients, and community members):

  • Retention

  • Engagement

  • Community evangelizing

  • Ethic stats

People and companies alike invest in and align with brands they trust. Your organization can be the go-to brand shining as the authentic, ethical, value-aligned organization that inspires trust and becomes a model for others to follow.

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Who Is This For?

Organizations who are committed to a real change and understand that a mandatory 2 hour training will not change anything long-term in their organization (and is frankly a waste of everyone’s time and energy pretending.)

​Organizations whose leadership teams are 100% onboard.

​Organizations who are prepared to take a deep hard look and understand that this process takes time.​

Organizations who want to experience Diversity Equity Inclusion Belonging (and all related names) in a transformational way.


Who We Are

We are a team of consultants and practitioners who have decades of experience working with leaders, teams and organizations around the world.

Lisa Dennen-Young

Founder and CEO, LDY Enterprises


How We Can Help You



Understand current organizational strengths, challenges, and what your people are really experiencing.



Identify your OKRs, create and implement a strategy for max ROI in the interest of all, and have continued analysis to track progress along the way.



Leading Executive retreats, Strategic Communications Coaching for Org Cultural Shifts, Change Management Support.



Training & coaching to equip your emerging leaders with the skills to lead diverse, equitable, and high performing teams.



Trainings to support personal transformation + shared language in your organization and/or community.


What It's Like To Work With Us

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We Incorporate


We value transparency, truth, and clear communication. We believe in personal and team responsibility, as well as value-based leadership.


What We Believe In

  • TRANSFORMATION OVER TRANSACTION We’re not coming in to throw facts and statistics, lead some role plays then hope you’ve gained empathy and that lives have been transformed. That’s not how real team culture shifts and we all know it. 

  • #NORMALIZETHEJOURNEY —  You can’t be “perfect” at it. And, that is the best part! The growth comes with practice. 

  • LEAD WITH HUMANITY — The leaders of tomorrow know this is how we’ll bridge the gaps.

  • HONORING HUMANITY & SOVEREIGNTY Ultimately uncovering how systemic oppression is at play inside the org. It’s PERVASIVE in society, so you DO have it and it’s OK to own it (the affected parties already know, might as well acknowledge the elephant so the sound of the elephant doesn’t scare everyone away.)

What They Say

"I've never been in a group addressing dismantling racism head-on that was simultaneously so loving and supportive. Lisa's theme throughout supports individuals to notice their own values, boundaries, and truth and distinguish it from society's projection. This approach was experiential, digging down below the conscious mind where limiting beliefs can be shifted with the result of shifting behavior in a sustained way.”       -Dr. Carley Corrado

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Connect With Us

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